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2021 Officiating

2021 City Meet Officials Assignments can be found here (coming later).

RCSL relies on parents to assist with running the swim meets. This includes meet officials and stroke and turn judges. Please consider volunteering to become a meet official! It's easy to do and is critical to your team.

Here is the 2021 current list of RCSL officials (pdf file created 09/07/2021 AM)

Certification and Recertification tests for all officials are administered by an online test service. A valid user name and password is required to access and take the tests. For access, you only need to navigate to the specific test web page link and can input your own username and password.

Here is a guide to the certification process (pdf file created 05/10/2021 AM)

Access to the 2021 tests is given below:

For Free Practice tests:

2021 Practice Stroke and Turn Test

2021 Practice Starter / Referee Test

These tests are available without fee or registration. Reciprocal test are provided for other league credential officials to become familiar to RCSL specifics.

Initial Stroke and Turn or Starter / Referee certification requires registration and a $15.00 processing fee.

Recertification Stroke and Turn or Starter / Referee certification requires registration and a $7.50 processing fee.

To access the registration portal and process fee using Paypal or your Credit Card go to:

Registration Portal

Access to initial or first time certification tests is given below:

2021 Stroke & Turn Test

2021 Starter / Referee Test

Access to recertification tests is given below:

2021 Recertification Stroke & Turn Test

2021 Recertification Starter / Referee Test

Deck Training is required for first time Stroke and Turn and first time Starter-Referee certification. Without this training, officials will not be fully certified to officiate a meet. Although not required for recertification, Deck training is recommended for recertification of Stroke and Turn as well as for Starter-Referee Judges.

New Video Training
USA-S had developed and provided new videos that describe the form and execution of each stroke and relay and the roles official play in judging the strokes and execution of the meet. Many snippets have been integrated into the on-line tests. To view these videos independent of the tests.  Access the following site:

USA-S Officiating Videos

To insure all benefit from these new and useful videos, questions on the videos (with play viewer embedded) have been integrated in with the online text question tests.  This means you only will need to take and pass one on line test.  Likewise, as the material on the old Officiating Swimming DVD is out of date, viewing of it will no longer be accepted as credit.  Again, you can go to the link above or the USA-S site to view the videos anytime. 


Use the Current Rules of Competition (modified 3/25/17) as open book reference material for the tests.

To access the USA Swimming Rules online, please visit their website at www.usaswimming.org. Choose the About link on the top then Rules and Regulations. About 3/4 of the way down the page in the "USA SWIMMING RULEBOOK" section, you will find the PDF file links. (Or try this link for 2021 Rules)

Important 2021 dates

Update Officiating linkage on RCSL web page. Source material links and provide direct links to online testing by this date also.
4/27 to 6/1
Access online test pages and start testing

Deck Training session

Pool - Mt. Carmel, Saturday 5/22/21,  Time 7:45 AM


Deck Training session

Pool - Greenwyche, Tuesday 5/25/21, Time 5:00 PM


Deck Training Session

Pool - TBA, Date TBA, Time TBA 

(Tue) by midnight
All Tests submitted, required deck training completed, and a qualifying score attained

Current list of certified officials will be maintained on the RCSL web site

If you have questions, please email Glen Yates.



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